How to Rank New Website on Google First Page - SEO Easy Tutorial

All right so uh in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to rank your new website on Google's   first page I know your frustration because when you go through keyword research and you can see  

 all the big authority websites have taken all the big keywords and you feel like come on   give me a break right we would like to make a new website and rank our website as well so the   biggest mistake people do at the beginning they go for bigger search volume or bigger keywords   and when you make content for bigger keywords when your website has no authority when your website   has no backlinks when your website doesn't have much content so your content is gonna rank nowhere   right so that's the thing but the other thing is this big authority website they did not   come in one day to that level right they also started from the same level and they were doing  

 again and again, they were making content continuously, and then they were giving more   value to their customers their audience and now they have the bigger authority right   so the good news is there is a strategy you can rank your website on the first page as well   so the big keywords they will take sometimes but with this strategy, you can see  

your keywords it's like smaller keywords and less competitive keywords ranking on the first page yes it is all about the keyword research when you do not target the big keywords   at the beginning you are in the right direction so let's go to the screen and I'll show you my   strategy how we can rank your new website on Google first page so if you are new to   this channel if you see this channel at the first time my name is Samantha Dias I’m an SEO specialist and I’m interning marketer as well so this channel uh i started again because I didn't have some time   to do it so now 

I’m back again so I’m not gonna stop I will give you valuable content every week   so do not forget to subscribe and give me a thumbs up I really really appreciate it and also if you   have a question put a comment below so let's say that is something like this and then like this sorry for my bad drawing but now you know it is a little bit difficult okay so this is my strategy   so these are the competition level all right these are the competition levels so like I said before the biggest mistake people do they start they make a content   let's say this is the content right this is the content maybe it is   2 000 words right 2 000 words and then there's a keyword um let's say 5 000 let's say 5k okay

 5k searches this is their website and their website has zero backlinks and that means zero authority too   it's not much content maybe there are two-three articles right so they make content targeting here right so this is the biggest mistake, uh people do and then   this article is going like Google is putting you down go back go back go back you know so go back that means it's gonna rank in nowhere right and most of the time i have seen   when your website has no authority when your website is really really new   and your website has zero backlinks you are going through um this one right this one you know sandbox right so that means you are in Google's probation period right so what we do is let's say keep that 5k right keyword away you know don't look at that keyword okay you can make your list your targeting keyword list and what kind of content you're making it's okay but   do not target the first articles or first content   

about the bigger searches right so start from the beginning so let's say this these   are the competition levels okay right so this competition is the easiest one right so that means this these keywords can be like 50 um searches for one month or 20 searches for one month   or 10 searches for one month or maybe the keyword tools are saying there are no even   there are no searches even but the thing is all these keywords tools   

but we are using it's a estimate okay they are not exactly right you know no one knows   how many people are searching one keyword i will show you how we measure these competition levels   right i have a good keyword research tool for it which is not expensive at all and uh yeah so and   then once you hit these keywords you can move to the next one and then you can move to the next one   you can go to the next one and then you can move the next one so the thing is   

we need to understand these competition levels properly now i am in this keyword tool called key   search there is a link in the description if you buy if you guys buy through my link i will get few   dollars as commission and these commissions help me to bring more valuable content   about internet marketing every week so if you buy through my link i really really appreciate   it so thank you and other thing is this tool is not expensive at all it is 17 so once you   use my coupon code in the description you will get it for 13 same example i actually used for other   

videos right so there's this dog breed called irish wolf hound okay so now i have given the   keyword here the main so the seed keyword right so i can see it is 53 it is uh fairly difficult   so it's a it's really really common keyboard right so i will put this difficulty guide   okay so I’m showing you this level first right if you remember so I’m talking about this level   the easiest level so when i dig when i do the keyword research a little bit   i can see there's a keyword called something like this right so you can exactly like i told you   

50 it's not a big amount but it's very easy okay so how i say that this is the serp right so this   is first search result of the Google and you can see the domain authority and the page authority   and some authority links and when you put the mouse point here and they are saying what it is   okay so these two are domain authority and page authority which come from moss right   so we can see 18 16 9 10 to 14. so this is why it is a easy keyword right so when you see a   lot of green first you can check the domain authority that's the most important one here   right then you see 91 which is uh reddit and this one maybe what it is okay it's a 27 and there are   

some things you need to understand when you want to rank your new website in Google first page you have to know how how can you know when the search is little bit weak   okay so like this reddit right so reddit is a user generated website right so user generated content actually right so people write this this is from the users right normally it's a good sign when you see quora   or other forums right or reddit and the search that means search is little bit weak because   

Google would love to rank one website or one page about   uh this particular keyword okay so but the thing is when there are no not many relevant uh content   and then the quora and reddit and these forums are coming so that's a good sign okay so you need   to understand you need to learn this stuff and normally when your website is maybe one two three   months old or something you know you can just go uh even when you see domain authority under 18   you know it is also a good sign right but your website is really new that means you really   uh need to check this domain authority and these websites as well right because we are   looking for this easy keyword like 50 20 and 10 right so less authority less competitive website   

and and the good thing is there's another technique right there's another technique so like this website okay so this website we can check here ranking so this website is ranking for this much keyword okay so what I’m going to do is   go back here i get this website's url okay this is actually what we are doing is for us engineering   okay so copy that you can see it's a new website it doesn't have a big domain authority   like that and the point is when that website is ranking for many keywords that means you can also   

rank your new website for those keywords as well right so i will click here explore yeah okay so you can see there are many keywords ranking with this website right there are   easy keywords right not all are in the first page obviously there are some big ones as well nourishable price but you can target these keywords okay so because we are using the ec level okay so an example so this keyword is a blue one right i will actually uh display here as well the keyword uh  

 competition level guide right i will put a picture but these actually but these numbers so 16 20 you know when the number is high and the competition is high okay but   this is regarding to key search SEO tool okay so but it is not uh all the time correct i mean 100   okay you have to check manually these websites and the domain authority like we just did before right   when we say these colors we can have like an idea because like an example so reddit   right so reddit has a bigger domain authority but that doesn't mean uh we can't uh outrank reddit   right we can outrank reddit when the website has good content relevant content for sure so   that's why these with these numbers this tool is calculating this final number   okay so that's why you have to check manually you have to look at this picture here   

right when you start it's better if you can find these kind of keywords   right but when you reverse engineer a website a less authority website   and when you see those keywords and then you can prepare your content   for that level that means this one the first level right and then   you can repeat right then you can do it to the next level and next level but make sure   you can rank first level right and the second level sorry that this picture is a little bit messy this level and this level and this level right i think i explained it on other videos as   well when you rank your website for easy keywords right then you get actually Google's trust   Google trust is a good thing right Google is our friend of course you have to build your content   so there's a tool in here let's say this keyword we use this one 16 copy it's actually kind of interesting so this tool checking on Google for this keyword what are the websites are ranking  

 right and those 10 websites this tool brings back so must word right so these are the lsi keywords so   much this is written as well these words should be in the article okay and average count is three thousand seven   right so average you can see it's a little bit small but i like this uh content assistant so when   

then you can type the content here so when you type it like this and   these you can see this now the words are 10 so like this right so i think it's a good tool right and uh of course you have to check each uh first maybe you can first five six maybe first four   first uh search result right you can see what they have written   do not copy of course you don't don't copy let's say this website okay copy here and see how they have written their content okay they have inner backlinks if you do this manually you can check i'll show you uh maybe you know this tool and then you can count these words and then they are saying 793 right and you can check those  

 first five or six results and then do your content important step is do the keyword research and then   start from the beginning like i showed you from here a little bit messy right now I’m sorry   again so i think now you know how to rank your new website on Google first page   this is not that difficult right and do not don't go crazy about backlinks right don't go   crazy about backlinks make the content start from the beginning start from the beginning   

if you do not start um from the like 5k searches big searches big keywords you can you don't need   backlinks for this uh content you know most of the time i have rank those articles i haven't made a single backlinks but they are still ranking   all right that's it i hope you learn how to rank a new website on Google first page so if you   like this tutorial and if you like this kind of content about SEO about internet marketing please   

subscribe and also give me a thumbs up i really really appreciate it and if you have a question   please put here i will reply to you all the questions as well so uh see you in the next video