Jvzoo affiliate marketing tutorial: Jvzoo (COMPLETE 2020 Tutorial)


what's going on guys in today's video we're gonna be talking about exactly how to promote jvzoo a product with youtube and of course it is to get me to the end of this very video   as always I'm gonna be doing a giveaway to three lucky people inside this particular   video so all I want from you is to stick with me watching this video till the very end in order to   

start a chance to win this particular I give away all right guys right before you continue this your   first time coming across this channel in this channel I talked about how to make money online   with affiliate marketing and CPA marketing so if these are topics that you are interested in you   may consider clicking the subscribe button click the bell notification on so you can get notified   whenever I release a brand new strategy with that being said let's move on with the video   all right guys the strategy that we are going to be using inside this particular video is called   

launch a junkie so launch track is basically an idea where you can go and find a product   that they are about to launch into the market and of course make a review of that particular product and make money off of from that so munchie.com.com is basically a platform where   it turns up a product that is about to launch into the marketplace jvzoo warriors plus Clickbank uh   kicks the paycheck star and some other platforms like that as you can see there are tons of   products literally each and every single day there is a product that will be launching into   the market so as you can see this is the calendar for affiliate so in order to guess that I guess   all you have to do is to pick up a product but what I always recommend people to do is that they   should go with the product that is coming together is coming into the market one week in advance what   

I mean by one week it advances because you need to prepare yourself uh do apply for the link wait for   the link to be approved and of course prepare the review video and upload it to youtube on time so   that it gets rank better before the big affiliate start uploading their own video so that is   actually one of the strategies behind it so you want to make sure you go there and find a product that is   one week in advance so for example on this today is 24th so I will be maybe I will go for on that   first or on first of July so anyone that you see it was marked so it's going to be a very very good   

video to go for so what you want to do is to find so because I'm familiar with all these   kind of people because of the past experience that I had with my previous channel right as   you can see uh I knew some of the launches that are going to be a big and some of them that are   going to be small what you want to do for example want to promote this particular product called   uh videomatic.com as you can see the product price is our 47 dollar so for each and every cell we may   make 50 percent commission on this particular product so what you want to do is the little  

 a bit of information about the product you click on the JV page link so so as you can see this is the page   right here so on top you have a funnels whatever simply means the upsell and some other stuff like   that the JV contest this is just uh for the top people of course that make the most money there   are some caches that the vendor will give to them so launch dock this way you also find more about   the product maybe email swipes uh banners product box and some other stuff like that so you may want   to need this particular thing also so this is a swipe cell this is a sales page preview so this   is where it gets interesting this because this is where you get to apply your link so click on this   

one that says apply for link right here so let me just right click it so in order to go and apply   for our link because it is hosted in jvzoo so and of course, if you scroll down again you see   there's a product box you may need this particular one of course because if you are creating your   youtube atom net let's go and apply for our link first to us you can see this the product   price is that the seven dollar store that is but the price you see on jvzoo is actually   the main price of the product so probably they actually reduce the price when they are listing 

their product on jvzoo so what you want to do is to write something in order to request approval for to promote this particular product but for me, this is what I always have my script   right here this is the script and uh let me just go back this is the script I normally   use I say hi I would like to promote your launch and I'm going to be using my brand youtube channel I drop the link on the channel and my launch jacking youtube channel which is this one   as a traffic source so you don't have to worry about the quality of my traffic so this one i   

did the copy I used to actually drop and of course you want to be honest with them guys tell them   how you are going to promote their product and of course there will be some of   them approve you and some of them will not move on there are tons of products that are going to be   that are launching on this particular may be on the same day so as you can see there's another jvzoo   product just a day after this one uh this one on the day this one on the second so you can never go   uh run out of the product so the quality of mine so let me just your launch let me remove this one   let me remove this one quality of my traffic so once you do that you do this verification stuff   and once you do that when you click on request approval so it's going to say pending because  

 it has to take time as you can see it's going to take a good time so it says spending don't worry   they will send you an email notification whenever you are approved for the product   so that's actually how you can go around applying for your link never do anything   if you are not approved this is the first step you want to make sure you are absolute for the product   before you even move on doing order stuff again so once you do that I'll assume you are approved now   the next thing to do is to actually copy this page link right here I used to have a copy this   page link uh go to your google calendar if you have a Gmail account you have a google calendar  

 and to show you this what I did last month as you can see this is a product I promote   last month from jvzoo and motor plus so uh once you copy that JV link then you come to that   particular day that the product is launching let's go back to the munch and see on 31st of August   and I'll come back to my calendar and place this one right here on 31st of July so this is   it right here that first of July I'll click on it so this one that says so I'll put the title   of the product and of course I'll put in here that says title I'll put the name of the product   and of course I'll drop inside this one I'll add so let's go back and see the name of the product   is video Matic then this one I've said the video Matic because the reason why we are creating this   google calendar is and google stuff is we want to make sure you we keep ourself organized whether we   

don't get distracted so click on this pencil icon so this one that says location this is   where I normally put the JV page so each time I want to visit this page we don't have to go to   munchie and find this page all you have to do is to go to our calendar and find this page so   once you do that then the next thing, of course, is to also come back again and find this place   this launch dock right here so click on it as you can see this is swipe this is your jvzoo link so   click on this one so I think the page the launch dock URL is not uh live yet and of course the page   

previews the sales page preview is also not live yet so that is why we cannot copy so once whenever   the sales page is live then you copy you click on it you also copy it and you pull out your calendar   and drop the link right here so let me just save this one and tell you so for example if you click   on this link right here you can see you have a location so this all you have to do once you   click on it to take you to the JV page so as you can see it's easy to navigate so like I said again   if you are not approved if you have not been approved don't do anything else yes because there

 is no point in moving forward uh without being approved with this particular uh with the program   of course so even if you do anything else if you don't have a link that you send people to then   you won't take any commission so once you do that guy it's now time for you to start preparing for   your video so there are some couple of things you need in order to make this work so the one you   

need the product access so most of the times if you have newbie it's actually hard for you to get   product uh to get review access but what you want to do is to contact this vendor on skype   uh contact them on skype most of them are very very active on skype you can contact them on   skype tell them that this is how you want to promote your product and of course you also be   

happy if you can be provided with a review a copy of the product so most of them will answer you and   some of them will not it's fine like I said move on if somebody didn't answer you also you cannot   it's not only with the review copy that you can review a product you can just open the sales   page of that particular product go through over the sales page where you are talking with your  

Screen capturing device so once you have that you have review access or you are using the sales page   the next thing to do is to go to google and download this software called obs uh project   so it's 100 free for you to use this what I used earlier when I was starting is now that I upgrade myself to Camtasia I'm using Camtasia so this approach this is the software you want to use to record yourself it's free of course just download it if you're using window maps or Linux   just download it because you downloaded click on start recording then start going through the   

sales page telling people there is a product that will be launching on 31st of or October as of 9 am   eastern standard time so depending on the time that the product is launching   tell them one is when it is launching also tell them what the product will do for them if they buy   it and of course tell them the advantage or the product over-order product out there so you want   to make sure you do a little bit of research with regards to the project so that's another advantage   of this particular so once you finish recording your video you just click on as you can see this   is the overview of how it's going to look like so click on start recording once you finish clicking on   stop recording so once you do that's pretty much all you have to do just upload your video   to youtube like I did right here as you can see there are tons of video guys it's a ton of videos   it's time for you to create a thumbnail for Tumblr you can go to canvas this is where I used to create   

my own a thumbnail for that but for this particular channel right here so once you   do that you go to cover you go to all your designs once you go to designs as you can see this also is   one of the terminals I create for my channel also so these are some terminal that I created a while   back as you can see this is where you can create a terminal just put the name of the product   your own image or you can skip not to put your own image is fine just make sure that you have the thumbnail so that's just the basic idea and you can just check out my channel right here and see   how I structure my own thumbnail I just put the youtube thing logo the name of the product with   the review my picture by the side and the prolog box which is what I told you that you are going  

 to require this one right here so in order to get this image all you have to do is to right-click   click on copy save image as and it will save it to your own computer so that's how you can go around   promoting jvzoo a product with a youtube and of course you want to make sure you upload your   videos three to four three and three days before the launch period so for example, this product is   launching until the first so you want to make sure you upload your video anything around 27   yes you upload it because it will give the youtube time to actually know what your video is all about   

then it will start ranking it so that's the advantage of it guys so that's actually how we   can go around and one thing i forgot not to forgot to mention is providing bonuses so what i want to   do as regard what i say I'm going to be giving away this software is that there is a step-by-step   blueprint on how you can do this is just like a crash course so this is a course right   here I went through it and i have this course right here I can see this it I went to all of it   

teaching you exactly how you can go around how to apply for your links how you can create this uh   calendar store how you can shoot your videos how you can literally do every single thing   with regard to this particular strategy so I will leave a link to this particular course right here I think it was only around was it 12 bucks I can't remember so but this is literally like a complete blueprint on how you can do launch jacking so what I want to do as a bonus is that I will give you   30 quality payment bonuses so which you can be offering to people in terms of your promotion  

 because if you check on youtube everybody that is doing this strategy is offering bonuses so   you want to make sure you also do the same which is why I'm going to be giving you 30   uh premium courses and software uh that you are going to be using in your own promotion so   once you grab this course right there the link down below just email me or let me know then I will send you, uh the email or I'll even make it in such a way that you can grab it from your   uh purchase a receipt so that's actually how you can go around uh it does my own giveaway  

 to you whenever you grab this I will give you 30 quality high of bonuses for you to start making   this a particular money using launch jacking so that's it for today's video guys if you did get   some value out of this video make sure you smash that like button hit the bell notification on so   you can get notified whenever I drop a new video like this thank you and see you in the next video