Learn Photography | Photography For Beginners | Photography Tutorial In Hindi

Learn Photography | Photography For Beginners | Photography Tutorial In Hindi
Learn Photography | Photography For Beginners | Photography Tutorial In Hindi : Hello, everyone Hope you guys are doing great.  In today's video We will talk about the shutter speed setting. So far We have covered the ISO, aperture ..... and today we will be discussing the third most important setting in photography that is camera's shutter speed. We understand what it is does. What kind of effects it create & how we can control it. I can be very technical while explaining the shutter setting. I can tell you that a shutter opens, the hit the Camera sensor and the photo will be created. But then I know you guys are not interested in that geeky language. so I will try to explain it in a smipler way. So the main effect of shutter is to adjust camera exposure, means it can adjust the brightness or darkness in your scene. Now you must be thinking that what is this nonsense?


ISO does the same thing & aperture settings also do the same thing. Yes thats true all these three settings does the one common thing that is adjusting the exposure however they also do one thing unique, & in the case of shutter speed... it hepls in capturing motion. For example You can freez any high action subject by using a high shutter speed,  you would be able to freeze a person jumping in the air or maybe bird in flight, on the other hand when you use a slower shutter speed you can capture the trail of motion in your photos.
shutter speed settings looks like this in our camera  and most of the cameras have the setting including the smartphone. Now let's talk about how to control a shutter speed. So as I told you in my earlier video that there is a dedicated dial to control the aperture in every Camera model same way there is a dedicated dial to control the shutter speed in every Camera model. In Sony A6400 this particular dial is used to control the shutter speed, in canon DSLRs You will find similar dial like this one and in Nikon also you'll find a dedicated dial. In Smartphones you will have to go to the pro camera mode  and here you will find this "S" setting this setting is your shutter speed control.  So it's time for the homework, first turn your camera mode dial to M or manual mode, then then go to the ISO setting and make sure you are not in auto mode  dial the proper ISO setting to adjust your exposure.  Once you are done then try and find the shutter button in your respective camera because I am not sure which camera brand you are using so you can use Google and find out the exact dial which controls your shutter setting, then start playing with the shutter settings. 

shutter speed 

You will see that when you are increasing the shutter speed your photos is become darker and when you are reducing the shutter speed your photo is become brighter, Now let's do the second test using slow shutter speed. For this particular test you will have to find a place to keep your camera or you need a tripod  because when we use slow shutter speed, camera can capture a smallest motion, even if you hold the camera very firmly, your breathing can still be captured in the camera you will end up with a blurry photo. so get a tripod and once everything is set up... just dial down your shutter speed make this number smaller like 2 secs or 4 secs or 8 secs. use a light any light & if you dont have a light you can also use your smartphone screen & press shutter button to take a photo & start painting with your light. And once your exposure is complete you will see that you have successfully captured the trail of the action, in this case which was light because light was constantly moving during this photo. This is the technique people use for light painting effect. So guys its time to recap? 

Function In Photography

So the three most important function in photography are the shutter the ISO and aperture and all of them do one commong thing, which is the exposure adjustment, which means all the three can adjust darkness  and brightness in the scene. However, they all do three unique things also. ISO creates a noise in your image when you use a higher ISO value. so try to avoid using a very high ISO in your photos. When it comes to aperture,  it controls the depth of field or the background blur effect, if you use a smaller aperture setting like F1.4 or F1.8 you will get a more prominent background blurr  rather then using a bigger aperture number like f4 or f8 or f11 etc. Shutter speed helps in controlling the motion. So if you use a higher shutter speed setting, you can freeze any thing in motion or any action but when you use a lower shutter speed you can capture or record the motion trail in your photos.  So in my next video, I'll tell you how to use all these three settings together and how to balance everything. I hope you guys are enjoying this tutorial  and if you really are enjoying, then please subscribe to my channel and please don't forget to like this video.  I'll see you soon next week with my next video till then enjoy bye bye take care.