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Best PowerPoint Tutorial For Beginners | Start To End Tutorials: Hi, I'm Ramgopal from Presentation-Process. compare your new to PowerPoint? Are you overwhelmed by all these tools and buttons in the software? You need to create your PowerPoint slides in the next hour, but you don't know how you come to the right place. PowerPoint is a sophisticated program with tons of tools. But you don't need to know all of those tools and functionality to create your next presentation. You just need to know 5% of PowerPoint to create an impact.

 Sensation in this video I'll teach you that5% so you can create your next presentation without any trouble. So let us jump right and learn PowerPoint, by the way, for your convenience we have added chapters to this video. You just need to place your cursor along the timeline of this YouTube video to find exactly what you want to learn. Alright, now the first question, how do you open PowerPoint? It's fairly simple. You go to the bottom left corner of your screen and click on the start button. And then start typing PowerPoint even before you can finish typing the entire word, you will get this option for the PowerPoint app. 

You click on that option and PowerPoint opens up. By the way, I'm using Microsoft 365 for this videos, but what I'm going to teach you will apply even if you have PowerPoint 2007version. Now, as soon as you open PowerPoint, you willget a screen like this. Or you will get a screen like this for a newpresentation no matter which version of PowerPoint you use. You will have three options here.One is the option to start a blank presentation. The second is the option to choose your designwith the design themes and 3rd the option to choose your templates. First, let me talkabout. The templates let us say you want to makea business pitch presentation. 

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You go to the option here and say business. Speech and then hit enter and see what PowerPointcomes up with. As you can see, PowerPoint gives you a fewoptions if you like any particular option like say this one, you click on it and thatwill open up this dialog box. Here you can read the description and if you like it, youhit create that downloads the template for you. You just need to replace this sampletext with your own text and your presentation gets ready. 

Even if the content is not an exact matchfor your needs, you can always tweak the content to create your present. I firmly believe that using templates is alwaysa big time saver. Let me close this if your presentation is not one of the standard typesfor which you can pick up a template and modify, you have two options. One is to click on theblank presentation or the 2nd which is to click on one of these design themes. That allows you to start with an interestinglooking slide deck. For this tutorial I'm going to start with a simple blank presentation.Now that we have opened up PowerPoint, I'll do two things immediately. The first thing I'll do is to pin this programonto the taskbar. Now what do I mean by that? The next time you want to start the program,you don't really have to go here. Type PowerPoint and then open the app. All you need to dois to go down to this bar called as the Taskbar, right click on the PowerPoint icon. And you have this option called Pin to taskbar.

You click on it. Now PowerPoint risk on the taskbar. So the next time you want to openit, you just need to click on this and PowerPoint open. Now with that out of the way, the next thingI will do is to save the presentation. I've seen so many cases where the presenter hasdone so much work on creating a presentation and leaves it unsaved. 

An accidentally closesthe file to lose all the work I don't want you to suffer from that, so develop the habitof. Saving your presentation right off the gate.So how do you save the presentation? You take your cursor to the top left cornerand click on file and then click on this option called Save as and then choose the locationwhere you want to save your presentation. In this case I want to save it on the desktop,so I'm going to click on that option. Give this a memorable name. I'm going to call this. PowerPoint basics. And you can see that the file type is dotPPTX. That is exactly the format we want. You just hit save. Now when I go to the taskbar,right click and go to show the desktop option. 

I can see my presentation here called PowerPointBasics. So the next time I want to open an access the file. Yeah. I just need to double click on the icon andthat opens up that specific file. Excellent, the second task is done now. Thethird task, now that you've come this far, it is important for you to know a few terminologiesthat will allow you to search for information from either the help or from Google and you'llbe able to make sense of the instructions. So let us learn the basic terminology of PowerPoint. The large panel that you see here on yourscreen is called as the slide. Area, then the panel that you see on the leftis called as the thumbnail area. Then the most important area on your screen is thisarea called as PowerPoint ribbon. 

The ribbon is made of a collection of tabs that looklike this. You click a tab to access a collection of tools. Called as group. So to summarize, PowerPointhas a number of tools. The tools related to a specific task or club together as a group. And a collection of groups is called a taband a collection of tab is found in a ribbon. The strip that you see at the bottom, whichhas a few commands is called as the status bar. Excellent, that is as much terminologythat you need to know. The next thing I'm going to do is to start creating the slidePowerPoint has made it. 

Extremely easy for a beginner to start creatingthe. Right, so we just need to do what PowerPointsays. Here it says Click to add title. So I'm going to click on it and I'm going towrite the title of this presentation. In this case it will be called PowerPoint Basics. Now I can see that I have made some mistakehere. I can always right click on this and click on the right option just as it workswith any of the other software programs that you're familiar with. I can click on thisto add subtitle. 

Maybe I can write my name here. This is the name of the presenter. NowI've got my first slide. Ready, but then the slide looks so plain thatyou don't want to present this slide to anyone. So let us see how we can quickly improve thedesign of this slide. All you need to do for that is go to this tab here called as Design.And here you have the option called themes. Themes allow you to add. Professional design to your slides quickly.Now observe what happens when I take my cursor over these design theme options. Let me place my cursor here. 

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You can instantlysee the result in this live preview as I move my cursor to the next option, you can seethe design applied instantaneously. Now you're not restricted only to these options. Youcan click on the drop down menu here and that opens up even more options for you to adddesign tier slides. If you like any particular option, like say,this one, you can click on it and instantly your slide looks far more professional. Onceyou select a design theme, you will see these options called us variants. These are thevariations of the design team you chose. For example, instead of this orange color, ifyou want blue color. 

You can choose this green color. You can chooseor purple color you can choose. Let me choose this blue color and I'm wellon my way to impress my audience with my slide deck. Next, I want to add a new slide to writemy content. How do I do that? I can go to the thumbnail view, click on that and hitenter, and I have my new slide available. If you want a more traditional way. You can go to the Home tab and here you havethe option called new slide. Now that brings me to the next option. I want you to noticehere you can see in certain buttons you have the icon available and you have the drop downmenu available related to that icon. 

When you click on that option, when you seehere for new slide we have this dropdown menu available. You can choose any of these layoutsfor your next slide. So whenever you choose a tool, see if that tool has the small downwardarrow available next to it. If it has, then you can click on that option and you willhave the drop down menu. 

Available by the way, you can expand certaingroups to find more options. For example, let me click on this and you can see in thisgroup we have this arrow available. When I click on that option you can see that we havethese floating dialog boxes open up that give us even more options. Now let us not get confused with all thoseoptions. 

Right now all I want you to remember is whenever you choose a tool, always tryto see if you can expand the options so you can choose the exact tool that you want. Excellent.Now let us come back to creating our slides. Here I want to write the topics that I'm goingto discuss in this presentation. 

So I'm going to click on the title, let ussay topics and then I'm going to add my options here. The first option is I'm going to talkabout the Home tab. Hit enter and then I'm going to talk aboutthe design tab. Hit enter and I'm going to talk about Animation's, hit enter and I'mgoing to talk about transitions, so these are the topics that I'm going to discuss inthis presentation now. What you've done is you've created one of the classic slide typesin any presentation. You've created a bullet point slide. A typicalbullet point slide lists items like this. 

But then the problem is, these bullet pointslides are usually quite boring. Is there a way you can make your slides look lot moreappealing than these bullet point slides? Yes, you can let me show you how we have abeautiful option in PowerPoint called as smart art diagrams. Let me show you how easy itis. Yeah. For you to convert this boring looking slideinto a visual slide, you select all these bullet points by clicking and dragging yourcursor across, then right click and go to the option called convert to smart. But and here you can see that we have a wholebunch of options available. 

Let me choose the first one. Now my slide already looksa lot better. Another way for you to visualize your slides is to insert pictures. Let meshow you how that is done. Let me hit enter by going to the thumbnail view. Let us writetypes of fruits, which happens to be. The title Now the next thing I want to get rid of isthis placeholder, so I'm going to change the layout. I can right click on any blank areaof the slide, go to this option called layout and I can choose a different layout. Now weare on this title and content layout. 

I can have this option called title. Only layout and now I have the space availablefor me to visualize my information. The first option we have is apples, so I need to insertthe picture of apples. How do you do that? You go to the tab here called Insert and herewe have the option called pick. Yes, you click on the drop down menu. As Itold you before and you can choose to insert pictures from any of these three options.One is this device that is if you have already downloaded the picture of apples then youcan click on this option. 

If you have Office 365 subscription you have this option calledstock images. If you are on an earlier version of PowerPoint you will have this option called. Online pictures you click on online pictureshere in the dialog box that opens up, you can search for what you want. In this case,I want to search for. For apples, let me write that and hit enterand Bing searches for the various images you can use on your slides. I like this option,so I'm going to click on that and let me say insert. Now I will have the picture of appleson my slide. 

I can click on this picture, hold the shift button down. Yeah. As a click and drag one of these handles inthe corner and I can resize the image and I can place it over here. Now I need to labelthis so let me go to insert again and you will find this option here Called's text boxyou click. On that and then you click on the slide and you will get the text box option you start typing your label. 

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In this case it is apples.You select that. Now you go to the option here called font and if you want to changethe font type you can click on the drop-down

menu here and you can choose. Any of these options? I'm quite OK with thecurrent font next if you want to increase the size of this label you can use this optionhere where a is written in a bigger font. Let me click on that a couple of. Times Now as I click on this, you can seethat the font size increases and it reflects here on the slide. Let me now place this overhere and I have my label written for my first picture. Let me do that again very quickly.I want to insert the picture of oranges, which happens to be the next option. So let me goto the slide, go to insert. Go to pictures, go to online pictures andlet me search for oranges. Hit enter and I have various pictures of orangesavailable. I like this one. You insert, you select the picture, hold the shift buttondown, click and drag from the corner so you can resize it nicely and then place it rightnext to the previous one. 

Now if you want to save some time, I can copy this text box. By selecting the text box, right clickingand choosing this option called copy, then right click on the slide and choose this optioncalled paste and Now I can place this label over here right under the next picture andI can call this orange. And now I have my second picture labeled.Now take a look at how this slide looks compared to the earlier one and that is the reasonwhy it is always preferable to add pictures and visuals to make your slides come to life.Now, to summarize, whatever we have learned so far, we learned how to open a PowerPoint. We learned how to save it. We learned aboutthe term. Analogy, we learned how to create a slideby clicking an writing our text. We learned how to insert a new slide. We learned howto convert the basic bullet point into a simple diagram. We also learned how to visualizeour information by inserting pictures and the corresponding labels. The next thing youwant to know is. How to present your slides to present yourslides. 

You need to choose an option called slide show. For that you need to take yourcursor down to this status bar and you will see these icons available here. Let us quicklyunderstand what these icons represent. The one that you see here, which is clicked bydefault is called as the norm. The. Give you the option next to it is called asslide sorter view. When you click on it, you can see all the slides in one glance, theone that you see right next to it is called as the reading view. 

I don't usually use itmuch to come out of this view. You can hit escape the option that we would use to presenta slide is this one called us. Slide show you select your first slide andthen you click on this option called slide show and you would be able to present yourslides. This is our first slide to advance to thenext slide. 

You can choose any of the options like you can hit your enter button on thekeyboard or you can hit your spacebar or you can use up and down arrow keys on your keyboardor you can hit page up and page down on your keyboard. Whatever is convenient to you. You can use. Let me use the simplest optionwhich is to hit enter. That takes me to the next slide to go back to the previous slide.I can hit page up and that takes me to 1. Slide back, so let me hit enter. Here is the 2nd slide, the next slide andthe next slide. Now you know how to create a basic bullet point slide. You know how toconvert that into a simple diagram using SmartArt. You also know how to visualize your slideusing pictures and the labels. At this point you know more about PowerPoint than most people. Now to come out of the slideshow, you hitescape. Now to go to a specific slide, you double click on the slide and that takes youto the normal view. 

Now let us take our skill to the next level.We are going to add simple animation to our slides so that we can hold the audiences attentionhere on this slide we have four elements that is 2 pictures and two texts. So let us adda simple animation to reveal one item at a time to add animation. All you need to do is to click on the objectthat you want to animate, go to the animation step. Then you use a simple animation calledfade animation. 


As a beginner I don't want you to use any of these other options thatcan be quite exciting. Just stick with the basic simple fade in. So we've got our first animation in placeright after showing the picture. We're going to show the label, so let me click on thesecond object. I want to animate and hit fade. Then I click on the next object and hit fade.Then the next object and then hit fade. And then when I go to slide show by going to thisoption here. You can see that I can present these objectson a click on the first click I show the picture of apples and then on the next click I showthe corresponding label. Then on the next click I show the picture of oranges, then the corresponding. 

Tables can you see here you can present yourinformation at your own pace and you can hold the audience's attention with simple animation.As I said earlier, if you want to come out of the slideshow mode, you hit the SK buttonon your keyboard. Now as the last step to add Polish to our slide deck, we're goingto add transitions so the movement from. One slide to the next happens a bit more dramatically,so let us go to the first slide, then go to the Transitions tab, then choose from anyof these transitions. A simple transition that works well in anybusiness setup is wipe transition. You can click on that option. You can see that thisis the preview of the white transition. Once you select the transition, you go to thisoption here called apply to all that applies the transition to all the slides in your deck.So there is consistency in the way the slides move. 

Now, with the first slide selected, let usgo to slide show and here we have the first slide shown. Now with a click. See how thesecond slide is shown with a nice transition by just adding a simple transition. You canadd so much professionalism in the way your slide deck looks and feels. That's it. Nowwith this much knowledge. You can create your basic slide deck an impressyour audience. Always remember to go to file and keep hittingthe save option so that you can save your work. If at any point you feel you need toup your PowerPoint game and get a strong foundation in the program, then I highly recommend thatyou join our complete PowerPoint Foundation course. 

This is a 13 ½ hours course. Our goals with step by step video tutorialsthat teach you all that you need to know about PowerPoint Foundation. The course is priced affordably, and you getlifetime access to this program with onetime payment. The link to this course is availablein the description box below the video you click on the link and check out more detailsabout this program and take your PowerPoint skills to the next level. 

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